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FTW Token

FTW is a fungible ERC-20 utility token built on top of Ethereum designed to be the platform’s native currency to enable payments, rewards, governance rights and more.


Token Utility

FTW token allows users to engage with the ecosystem, join mobile eSports games and participate in tournaments with massive crypto rewards, all without dealing with the complexity of blockchain.

Crypto Rewards

Win $FTW tokens with every game round or tournament you win

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Payments & Entry Fees

Use $FTW tokens to pay entry fees for matches and tournaments

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Buyback & LP

Reduces token supply and provides deeper liquidity on the AMM Market.

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Staking & Rewards

Earn additional rewards for staking your tokens and providing liquidity

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Buy, sell, or swap your NFTs on the Win.com Marketplace

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Participate in the evolution of the Win.com ecosystem

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Win DeFI Wallet

Manage & Track Your Crypto

Set up a wallet and access all your crypto rewards, tokens, and NFTs in one single place.

Earn Crypto Rewards

Increase your earnings by staking your crypto and providing liquidity directly within the Win DeFi Wallet.

Swap Tokens

Swap FTW token to other currencies directly within your wallet, without going to external exchanges.

Own Your Coins

Take control over your private keys with the non-custodial Win DeFi Wallet solution. Remember: not your keys, not your coins.

Play to Win

$FTW is a blockchain-powered token that allows players to win in more than one way. Use it, trade it, stake it, earn it. Play to Earn, Play to Win.

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Token Staking

30% of daily rewards

Provide liquidity for the FTW/USDC pair on Automated Market Makers (AMM) such as Uniswap and stake the resulting LP tokens.

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Hero Staking

50% of daily rewards

Gain experience on the Win platform and increase your Hero level to obtain individual staking boosts!

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System Governance

20% of daily rewards

Decide on issues such as new games being developed, funds allocation, reward distributions, fee rates, and much more.

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