Crypto Casino Software

Bitcoin payment processing

We implement our unique Bitcoin payment processing solution to guarantee 100% security of funds. With no third party systems involved, the control over Bitcoin wallets is on the operator’s side and deposits are made instantly.


Different cash out options

Manual cash out (withdrawals need to be approved by the operator).


Instant cash out (withdrawals performed automatically).


Combined cash out (automatic withdrawals of small amounts, whereas larger amounts which exceed a certain limit are subject to operator’s approval).


Anti-fraud system

A unique anti-fraud system developed by protects the casino from any attempts of fraud. Since payments in Bitcoin are irreversible, this system plays the key role in providing for the financial security of the casino system.


Bitcoin-adapted games

The operator can set different bet limits for each game: BTC, mBTC, uBTC.


Possibility to add other cryptocurrencies

Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, etc. Contact us to discuss possibilities of integration.


Satoshidice type of games

We can develop a custom game of your choice with instant cash in and cash out with zero confirmation.


Provably fair games

With our unique provably fair technology, players can verify that the result of their game is produced from the pre-generated random number and their own input, which provides casino with extra credibility and adds customer loyalty.


With the fast growing popularity of cryptocurrenies, a Bitcoin casino can be the best way for you to enter the iGaming industry. Short time to market, independent and fast payment processing, and increased customer loyalty achieved by a less formal registration procedure and completely anonymous play, are the key points. Coupled with an effective marketing strategy, our Bitcoin casino software will help you occupy profitable niche and outweigh the competition.