Promotions & Jackpots Solution

Promotions & Jackpots Engine by Win is a business framework that performs a multifunctional software arrangement called Jackpot as a Service. Generally, jackpots boost the competitive capacity of the brand, draw in first-time customers and keep old regulars coming back, scale up gamer timing esteem and wager size, and significantly redund the operator's income. The jackpot software product by Win aids in improving the quality offering of our accounts' iGaming businesses. Our customers have a great opportunity to connect a unique digital jackpot system with WIN's Promotions & Jackpots Engine. Whether it be an internet gambling venue, a game supplier, or a casino games content hub, our ultimate service may be connected with any enterprise in the iGaming industry.

Core Features

Win has developed and added to the many ways that different market participants might employ jackpots in the industry of Internet gambling. Our Promotions and Jackpots Engine introduces memorable and gorgeous previously prepared Jackpot Templates with a broad array of setup characteristics. Also, our Promotions and Jackpots Engine can boast API-driven interoperability with lots of customization parameters.

The other source of pride in our Promotions and Jackpots Engine is that it is a digital jackpot system with no hardware considerations for users – it is a hundred percent digital service with a virtual interface. Among other matters, Promotions and Jackpots Engine by Win has an option of Player Group Management that allows qualifying various gamer sets for various jackpots. And it goes without saying that there is an unlimited amount of jackpot campaigns. Our clients have an opportunity to run the number of simultaneous jackpot campaigns they need with no commitment.

Winning Features of Win’s Solution

Global and Local Jackpots

Launch jackpots for a single brand or connect participation in jackpots across many brands. To increase player traffic, introduce a specially branded jackpot for one brand, or you can raise the stakes and put players in a race to win the jackpot with a worldwide progressive jackpot. You may choose the combinations that increase player engagement by linking the jackpots to particular player groups, games, or brands.

Multi-currency and multi-level jackpots

You may design a tiered jackpot payout system that is dispersed among numerous winners using multi-level jackpot parameters. Each tier may be configured with its own set of guidelines and specific requirements. Additionally, you are able to select various currencies in order to participate in a single jackpot campaign. All widely used fiat currencies are supported by the Promotions and Jackpots Engine.


Both Curacao- and Malta-based organizations can use the Promotions and Jackpots Engine. With our own set of servers and a fully approved random number generation (RNG) system for Malta, we can manage jackpot campaigns in both jurisdictions.