Approved Cash-out VS Instant Cash-out in Online Bitcoin Casinos

Instant cash-out always will be aligned with some loss of control over the gambling venue funds by the owner. But it boosts gamers' convenience and holds a specific place in professional reviews of online gaming parlours. In its turn, approved cash-out is a pillar of the more precise control over web gaming house funds on the part of the owner, but it is less popular in the community.

It is common knowledge that the payout process, also known as cash-out or withdrawal, is one of the most sensitive and sometimes even irritating procedures in the whole iGaming sphere. The overriding reason for irritation lies in the huge timing difference between deposit and withdrawal processes. Usually, gamers can make a deposit at an Internet gaming venue within a space of a few minutes. But if the player was lucky to win something at a web gambling parlour and starts a cash-out procedure, suddenly it turns into a difficult routine that flags the player’s spirits and even can cut into the reputation of the online gambling house.

For now, when protection and safety of personal identity and data on the Web are at the top of people’s minds, internet casinos ask winners to submit personal documents to approve the withdrawal. And even after all the confirmations and a bunch of time necessary for the casino customer service team to review and formally approve the payout, it will take funds around a week or sometimes even longer to reach the winner’s account.

Filling the shoes of the web gaming venue owner and looking at this problem from a different angle, it turns out that all this complexity is not just about safety guidelines of fraud reducing and getting compliant with on and off-site verification’. Popular online entertaining platforms also beware of scam risks. They also have responsibility for keeping safe users’ data and preventing money laundering through gaming services.

The right balance can be reached via an intelligent algorithm developed by our team to solve that problem. Our unique top-tier software solution tracks some specific parameters of each player’s account activity and approves the instant cash-out only if the activity matches all the factors and raises no suspicions. In other circumstances, for example, in case of suspicious activity, our software submits a request to the administrator that can initiate a procedure of identity authentication.