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Heroes of the Win Realm

Introducing the Heroes

Skilled, fearless, and unique in traits, the early settlers of the Win Realm are Heroes like no others


Migers are a tribe that value peace, strong believers that all races should live together in harmony, as nature intended.


The Paios are renowned for their exceptional skills in the dark arts. Their prophecies claim that they will rule all lands one day.


The Bere are short-tempered and fearless - a dangerous combination. Whatever they cannot control, they conquer through brute force.

Staking to Level up

Win adds a twist to the classic staking model by combining NFTs & player levels into the staking rewards.

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Heroes of the Win Realm

Embark on a quest is to raise a Hero so mighty that it will write a story that will last through times to come.

Heroes are made, not born. The mightier the hero, the bigger the rewards you'll get.

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